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What would life without some mystery? And it is full of them, no doubt. But there are some thing, some shadows that can have real relation with our ego. Others are external, physical, nothing of yourself involved.

Coming back to those close to our own grounds, those that could change our own adjectives, the idea we or others could have about us, well, you know… there shouldn’t be any!

In the end, everything is always the same: you need control. Only externals, things that could happen without you, are allowed to be not so clear. The farthest, the less important.

In the end, we all try to protect ourselves. Of course. Is there any other thing? Does exist life in other planets?

Well, rereading…

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Well, rereading my last post, ja!  It’s not always so easy to repeat that…  Although, well, I suppose it must be so, shouldn’t be?

You never knows.  People around you, people on which you depend, people taken for granted.  That’s the problem, I suppose:  nothing should be taken for granted.

You only see a small part of the big iceberg, don’t be so naive, the rest can only be imagine and, well, the only way you have for be certain about what the others feel about you is to talk, to experience with them, to take them out of their routines.  Try it!  you will be surprised.  But, wasn’t it what it was supposed to be?

The real bad thing is when those close to you friends, those people you depend on, hide you all the time parts of their lives.  That’s bad.

You can claim for honesty, for truthfulness, for whatever you want to; but these kind of things do not play in the same court, these things are a deep part of ourselves and do not follow social rules, not like to be enlighten.  These things only can be moved with other moves that suggest same feelings and then attract changes in theirs.

It’s not easy…  You must be very creative.  It’s a real life challenge.


I love you!

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Why are we all looking for others?  Ask Nature.  But probably, that’s the only universal of human beings.  In the end, the more complicated we do this contact, the more difficult for new contacts it’ll be.  Keeping it simple makes our lives easier.  Let it be.  I love you.